MHIC License #: 05-135950 / Phone: (410) 804 5203 / (410) 946 7157
JOVEL CONSTRUCTION LLC performs framing services to provide your home or commercial property with a fully sound and flawless foundation able to stand the test of time. Precision and due diligence must be conditions present at every step of the framing process, because virtually everything within the construction of your home or property depend on the frame. Entrusting the framing of your property to a team of professionals equipped with an extensive expertise and able to ensure high quality at all times is a necessary step towards safeguarding your property from future structural problems that can give rise to many other costly issues. We employ the techniques, standards, and procedures to ensure unparalleled quality and accuracy throughout the entire framing project completion. Moreover, we work within varying stud framings, including metal and wood studs.
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